When you buy a PC

wireless router, printer or other computer hardware it couldn't be easier

PC Sales

How we get you sorted quickly and efficiently

We order our parts to suit you and have at any time a huge range of the latest laptops, desktops, modems and routers etc to quote from.

Our low overheads mean that we can offer you the best prices and as we discuss your needs we make sure you get exactly what you want for the best price.

We deliver to your premises at a time that suits you usually within 24 hours and in some cases on the same day.

We set up your hardware and get it working.

That means:

  • loading any software required  

  • setting up your internet connection and email 

  • copying any files, pictures, music and email from a previous computer  

  • setting up a secure wireless network 

  • teaching you how it all works

When our technician leaves, your hardware is set up and ready to use, and if you have any questions or difficulties after we are always available to help.

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